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I have another pose for yaaaa!! 

I don’t know, I always hear toddlers say “rawr” so I thought EH WHY NOT!


Pose list enabled + compressed.


Please do not reupload or claim as your own.


✖ Follower Gift - Dalton - Details & download here ;)


Faellu’s First Attempt at a CC-Free House!

(and at a fully furnished house/share-able one at that :P )

This lot contains absolutely no CC patterns, objects, or store content. :) It is a 30 x 30 lot, built in Appaloosa Plains, but of course it can be placed anywhere! It’s not a starter home by any means as I was focusing on looks; it has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a living area, a study, a kids area, porch, furnished backyard, laundry room, and kitchen. I have all expansion/stuff packs, but if you don’t have one, I’m pretty sure the game will replace the item and you can swap it out with whatever you want; I don’t think I relied too heavily on any one pack so it shouldn’t be an issue!

A few notes: I playtested this for a little with one of my sims, and I found that it’s best to move the books in the bookshelves beside the fireplace into the bookshelf in the entry room because sims are not supposed to try to get the books from the living area (deco only). The fireplace and everything else is still usable, of course. Also, I flipped the tubs around because they were having issues with that. Otherwise, please let me know if you have any trouble. :) Enjoy!

Download here


A set of modern abstract paintings for your sims homes. They are on a one-tile square frame-less mesh from Orangemittens. The art is by amazing artists Koen Lybaert, Pol Ledent and Stephane Villafane.

Download .sims3pack

Hope you guys enjoy these <3


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Starlight Shores Revisited

Hey guys! I decided to re-vamp Starlight Shores with some Highrises and EP content, because it’s a world with loads of potential. I was inspired by the-pinkflamingo’s attempt at adding highrises to the world (which looked awesome!) and perksofbeinga-sim’s Delmar Boardwalk which she has very kindly let me include in the world, woo! Make sure you click the link and find out her terms and stuff :3

You can find pictures in more detail here, which shows all the different districts with my stupid captions, haha.

This world now includes a LOT more bars and stuff, with all the Showtime venues still included, as well as a resort and houseboat mooring. Basically other than that I just did a shuffle-round of things, bulldozed, replaced, etc. Some of the interiors of the highrises are pretty sparse, just to warn you, I was lazy and used ugly blueprint mode.

There are only 2 pieces of CC in here, that is the Ferris Wheel for the Boardwalk and the Surfing Station from the store, but both are optional. I have and may have used all EPs, but you will need Showtime and LN for sure, IP for the…IP features and the other EPs for random features. You’re welcome to try playing without the other EPs and see if it will run, and the game will replace any objects that it doesn’t have, but you definitely need Showtime and LN. You will need patch 1.55 at least.

Have fun, feel free to modify as much as you wish as long as you give credit, and I would really love tags! I think this turned out pretty cool :3


This is a save file. It goes in your ‘Saves’ folder!

EDIT: Link now updated, I’m so sorry for the broken link! Please reblog so I can get this out <3


Five days ago… That’s when I first had the nightmare. I haven’t been able to get out of my room since then.

CC: Hair | Eyebrows | Eyebags | Cheek pores | Lipstick | Eyelids | Top | Pants from Diesel | Undershirt by Moryrie (included)

(.sims3pack & .sim file included with sliders) 

10-01 - 16:39 - 70 notes / eadan


shinee sketcher shirts



Erich’s friend, I didn’t want to upload Erich and not him so you can download Tyler too. His age state is also Teen. I believe his traits thing are blank and this is also a Follower’s gift too! Don’t mess with his face, don’t steal, respect thy self, etc etc.

CC List included in the download.




Happy Season Finale Day, although they really need to make the seasons longer. Anyways I’m a long time TWD fan and i really wanted some male twd shirts so i spent yesterday making them. They’re my first attempt so probs not perfect but i tried okay. Miranda tested them in game for me and all was well so i hope you guys like :3

3 Daryl Dixon tanks- mesh is Muscle Shirt

4 TWD/Daryl Dixon T-shirts which is base game compatible, I do have aikea guinea’s slimfit tee though.


Daryl Dixon Muscle Shirts

TWD Tshirts


Okay this is just Part 1, I plan on doing more when I have time but for now it’s Dethan and Stiles :3 and I have to say I suck at the eyebrows thing. as long as you have a shit ton of eyebrows in your game you should be good..

Download .SIM SKIN EYEBAGS HAIR Contacts EYEBROWS Blush Dry Lips



If anything looks base game on them makeup wise switch it. I could be missing something but hopefully I got it all :3 
TOU: Tag me if you use them, don’t claim as your own, don’t mess with the facial features etc, the reg stuff:3